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Probate is the court-supervised proceeding used to transfer the property of a deceased person to that person’s heirs or legatees. Unless the value of such property is less than $150,000, probate is required, whether the property passes according to a will or by the laws of intestate succession.

Our primary professional responsibilities regarding probate administration are to assist the client in terminating the decedent’s affairs; to supervise the identification, collection, and distribution of the decedent’s estate; and to see that all legal obligations of the estate are met. We accompany the client through the court process imposed by a probate administration until the process is completed.

We have administered and closed several probates and therefore can anticipate where the problems may lie and steer our clients past the obstacles that would otherwise cause expense and delay. We understand the importance of communicating with clients clearly and frequently, and are always willing to meet with clients to conclude the administration process expeditiously and efficiently.